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Upcoming Anniversary
Jul 27, 08 8:30 PM
Happy Holidays!
Dec 27, 07 11:38 PM
Official Super Group Costume
Dec 12, 07 12:59 PM
Happy Turkey Day!
Nov 22, 07 3:08 PM
MDotW Screenshots
Oct 30, 07 10:41 AM
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Welcome to our new website!

Thanks for joining the Mystic Defenders of the World. We are a super group in City of Heroes on the Guardian server.

We are getting our base up in running and hope to grow our ranks. MDotW was founded by Red Lighter and Mycology.

Look here for updates and new and great things ahead. There is a forum so we can get organized, an image gallery to off show our best, group roster and more!

Come often, laugh hard, and be merry!

...and always help those in need!

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Upcoming Anniversary

539253610_Inactive, Jul 27, 08 8:30 PM.
The Anniversary is coming up, does anyone have anything they want to do for it?

Happy Holidays!

Zentrigo, Dec 27, 07 11:38 PM.
Not much going on lately with the holidays and all. Hope everyone is doing well during this season. I wish you all good times and enjoy the new year (but be safe lol). I created this pick the other day of Zentrigo as a rookie before arriving to City of Heroes. He is still wide-eyed and green and has no idea what he is about to get into :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Official Super Group Costume

Zentrigo, Dec 12, 07 12:59 PM.
Thanks North-Man for your efforts. I figured I would post this front and center on the main page for everyone to see easily reference. Per North-Man's post:
So defenders we now have an official costume. This is so we can look totally badass as a group when were out teaming together. You do not have to change your primary costume. When you get to lvl 20 and get your second costume slot you should make our costume. If Influence is an issue contact Red Lighter and he will gladly pay your tailor fee.

Costume Details
Colors        Black and 5th read from the left.  Belt is second black
Chest        Tight/tights sleek/fire stripe
Gloves        spiked/shiny leather/fire stripe
Belt            Jewel
Pants        Tight/tights sleek/fire stripe
Boots        smooth/shiny leather/ fire stripe
Cape         Over shoulder mantle/long/pattern 5
Broach        Generals only broach 58
Head         Your choice here

Chest detail is our SG Detail Celtic. but colors are reversed.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Happy Turkey Day!

Zentrigo, Nov 22, 07 3:08 PM.
I had some time at work last night and came up with this sketch for the holiday lol!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

MDotW Screenshots

Zentrigo, Oct 30, 07 10:41 AM.
Ok team, to the right you will notice our gallery. Let's get some more pics up. To add a pic, just send it as an attachment to my email: 
If you are unable to do so yourself, just ask me in game, and if available I will meet up with you and get some screenshots of your character. Here is an example of my character Zentrigo that I really liked:

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